A Think Ahead

Questions are everywhere. Answers are not. At Aurora, it’s our passion to continuously advance our expertise in bringing new, insightful answers to our clients’ most challenging problems. This proactive mindset drives our talented team to deliver high-value mission-critical Systems Engineering and Program Management solutions. We’re always thinking ahead – for you.

About Us

CEO Roberta Massiah couldn’t find the kind of company she wanted to work for, so in 2005 she founded Aurora. Her vision was to create a workplace of thinkers and doers, dreamers and leaders. Experts encouraged and empowered to deliver a higher standard of excellence.

Since our founding, each year we’ve expanded in size and, equally important, reputation. We consistently add measurable value to every project by developing innovative, breakthrough solutions. All to assure our clients succeed in ways they never imagined.

Today, we’re an ever-evolving company and changed our name to reflect this: Aurora Innovations. We’re an SBA-Certified, woman-owned small business and a recognized leader in Systems Engineering and Program Management. Aurora is an eFAST MOA Holder (ES, R&D and CSD task areas) and an FAA ATEPS SBSA prime. We’re also on the FAA ATEPS, ETASS, EPICS, and SE2025 SIR 1 & 2 contract vehicles; as well as the Volpe Center’s TMSEDS F&O contract.


Our diverse team members offer critical guidance and meaningful answers to the most complex challenges. We know what works, what doesn’t and why. With a blend of textbook knowhow and groundbreaking insights, we deliver right-sized solutions for each project’s budget and schedule. Our clients also like to work with us because we make the experience fun and engaging, and we’re always eager to learn and be challenged.

Concept Development

This needs-driven process identifies, clarifies and documents the problem, and the manner in which the technology or capability can address it.

We collaborate to innovate. We work side-by-side with clients and subject-matter experts to flesh out concepts and clearly document the operation of the soon-to-be system.

Risk, Issues & Opportunities Management

This process identifies, assesses, mitigates and monitors events that can have negative consequences throughout a program’s lifecycle.

Aurora integrates management and the team to find the root cause of the risks, and then develops customized board structures and mitigation plans to achieve success.

Enterprise Architecture

The arrangement of elements, subsystems, functions and interfaces to achieve program outcomes.

We use our full system knowledge depth-and-breadth to develop, describe and document solutions and interfaces.

Requirements Development /Management

The process establishes, documents, communicates and manages the essential functionality and performance a system must provide.

We ensure the specified concept is delivered through user-need elicitation, sound knowledge in best practices and traceability to ensure the systems meets the needs of stakeholders while balancing cost considerations.

Configuration Management

This process establishes and maintains consistency of a product’s attributes with its requirements and configuration throughout its lifecycle (Industry Standard, ANSI/EIA-649A).

Aurora embeds within all levels of the organization to customize processes and practices in optimizing control of the project assets.

System Implementation

This process transforms specified requirements, interfaces and implementation constraints into fabrication actions that incorporate a system element into the existing infrastructure.

From initial site survey to final system handoff, we’re hands on. We roll up our sleeves to work side-by-side with stakeholders to deploy the system and ensure mission success.

Join Us

Our team is smart, professional, proactive, trustworthy and fun! We take pride in the diverse backgrounds of our talented crew. Aurora’s people are the source of our success; we hire, retain and develop outstanding Systems Engineering & Program Management talent!

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